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NAS members asked to disregard defection propaganda

The National Salvation Front (NAS) is asking its members and supporters to disregard as propaganda the story about some of its officers defecting to the enemy.

The leadership has also congratulated and commended those of its members who saw right through the propaganda and took it upon themselves to discredit the information, rubbishing it for the garbage that it is.

Looted relief items spotted at SSPDF Kulipapa base

Items from a cargo of humanitarian aid meant for the displaced communities in Lainya County, Central Equatoria State have been spotted at an SSPDF base in Kulipapa just hours after two civilian lorries carrying the cargo were ambushed, looted, and then burned not too far away from the Kiir’s SSPDF base on August 29.

How SSPDF tried and failed to cover up an internal conflict by blaming NAS

On August 23, an administrative vehicle belonging to Kiir’s SSPDF was ambushed on its way to a base at Mile 55 resulting in the loss of the lives of 4 soldiers including one Colonel Bethuel Lasuba. The ambush, we can now confirm, was an internal SSPDF operation carried out by disgruntled and demoralized soldiers – a fact that the SSPDF Spokesman badly attempted to cover up by alleging that the National Salvation Front (NAS) was behind it.

NAS units on maximum readiness as Kiir pulls reinforcements from all divisions across South Sudan

The leadership of the National Salvation Front (NAS) has directed all its units to immediately observe a state of maximum readiness to defend themselves and civilians after Salva Kiir’s SSPDF General Headquarters (GHQs) in Juba ordered all military divisions in the country to contribute troops for what is believed to be imminent aggression on NAS defensive positions.