About US

South Sudan is a land that has scattered its people sent them running far and wide, it is shamefully hurting its own.  It is a country unable to perform even the most basic functions of a state including unable to protect its communities and has even directly attacked some, it lacks health provisions for the sick or injured, it has actively facilitated another generation of children to live without a basic education and has been unable to provide or denied access for the delivery of food to its people.  Corruption has blinded those with power as they fill their pockets with OUR countries wealth and these same kleptocratic leaders (ruled by thieves) have misplaced priorities such as the purchasing of further weapons as its people starve, is simply indefensible.

Let’s not continue to fool ourselves or pretend it’ll all be fine, the oil wealth is now spent and even the borrowed money during these past few years has to be repaid with interest which means our generation will not see anything but economic hardship.  But if we work hard collectively we can at least salvage our land for the sake of our children’s generation.

The country is ours to nurture, it’s our collective responsibility as 64 tribes to get this to work.  The ARCSS peace deal collapsed yet that is widely ignored and there is no solution in keeping up the pretense for the sake of appearances.

Enough of the problems, we know them, enough of the criminals who have held us hostage for too long, what we need is solutions and ways forward.

The National Salvation Front makes this pledge to you that it will vigorously use all means at its disposal to restore law and order, the respect for human rights and dignity without regard to age, gender, ethnic origin, religion, and believes in the rightful path of national co-existence, embracing the ideals of free sovereign, democratically governed nations.

Correcting the mistakes of the past is an enormous task that requires the participation of all citizens, beginning minimally and simultaneously with development tasks along with the requisite humanitarian assistance to settle citizens in their homes and engage them in productive work.  We need you to make this work.

Join NAS in declaring the birth of a citizen-imposed change in South Sudan, one that will let us live and work in our homes once again and working productively, this time in complete safety.