Monthly Archive: July 2020

Leadership Council of the NAS Youth Congress appointed

The Chairman and Command-in-Chief of the National Salvation Front (NAS) Gen Thomas Cirillo has named the leaders of the NAS Youth Congress out a list of nominees elected and seconded by honourable members of the Youth Congress.

“The hopes and aspiration of the people of South Sudan are on NAS,” Gen Thomas Cirillo

โ€œThe hopes and aspirations of the people of South Sudan are on NAS to bring about hope and salvation to the people and to restore peace and dignity. Messages reaching us from inside the country, from refugees in neighbouring countries, and even from some foreigners who closely monitor the situation in our country indicate that NAS is the peoplesโ€™ popular choice. This is a great responsibility that has been put upon us โ€“ and we must rise to it,โ€ Chairman Thomas Cirillo said.