Resignation to resilience: Gen. Faiz Fatur marks 7-year journey with NAS leadership


March 9, 2024 – In a remarkable journey that spans seven years, General Faiz Ismail Fatur has evolved from a resignation from Machar’s SPLM-IO that echoed dissatisfaction with the status quo to a pivotal leadership role within the National Salvation Front (NAS).

Today, on the anniversary of his pivotal decision in 2017, Gen. Faiz assumes the mantle of Deputy Chairman of NAS, symbolising a continued commitment to the people’s struggle.

A Historic Resignation

On March 9, 2017, Gen. Faiz, then a member of the SPLM-IO High Military Command and sector commander of the WBG front, made a historic decision. His resignation from SPLM-IO was accompanied by a candid listing of letdowns and failures within the organization and Riek Machar’s leadership (or the lack thereof). These grievances, as outlined by Gen. Faiz, resonated with the challenges faced by many, and some persist to this day.

Pledge to NAS and the People

Upon leaving SPLM-IO, Gen. Faiz pledged his unwavering allegiance and support to the newly formed NAS, calling on all South Sudanese, especially those in Western Bahr El Ghazal, to rally behind Gen. Thomas Cirillo’s leadership. This marked the beginning of a transformative journey.


Chief of Staff and NAS Evolution

Gen. Faiz stepped into the role of Chief of Staff of the NAS Army, and under his leadership, the NAS Army transformed into a formidable force, embodying the revolutionary spirit. The past seven years have seen NAS grow into an influential movement with a steadfast commitment to challenging the status quo.

Deputy Chairman: A New Chapter

Today, on March 9, 2024, Gen. Faiz Ismail Fatur embarks on a new chapter as he assumes the role of Deputy Chairman of NAS. This leadership transition signifies not just a personal milestone but a testament to NAS’s adaptability and commitment to fostering dynamic leadership.

In reflecting on this significant day in history, Gen. Faiz remarked, “It’s been a journey of challenges, resilience, and unwavering commitment to the people’s struggle. As Deputy Chairman, I look forward to contributing even more to the aspirations of a changed South Sudan.”

The anniversary marks a celebration of resilience, growth, and the enduring spirit of the people’s struggle under the leadership of Gen. Thomas Cirillo and his dedicated team. The NAS continues to forge ahead, determined to bring about lasting change for the people of South Sudan.





Gen. Faiz Ismail Fatur appointed Deputy Chairman

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