Genocide has begun in South Sudan, says Britain

14th April 2017

It’s tribal, it’s absolutely tribal, so on that basis it’s genocide.

The violence in South Sudan is now genocide that is being perpetrated along tribal lines, the International Development Secretary has said.

Priti Patel said there are “massacres taking place, people’s throats are being slit”, and urged foreign leaders to do more to force the country’s government to end the conflict in which tens of thousands of people have been killed.

Ms Patel, who visited South Sudan this week, said there is a “scorched earth policy”, and described the situation as “absolutely abhorrent and inhumane”.

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“Were we also Dinkas?”, Pres. Museveni on claims that only one tribe liberated South Sudan

10th April 2017

“Were we also Dinkas. What about 98.9 per cent voters in the referendum who endorsed your independence and those Americans and Europeans who supported you? Were they all Dinkas?” he asked.

All of us, our people have contributed in the liberation of our country in our own different ways. We were contributors at different capacities and this contribution should not be the license to mismanage the affairs of the country,” said Museveni.


Kiir’s forces massacre dozens in Wau, victims ethnically targetted

10th April 2017

Today, Kiir’s militia target Wau, just days after a similar incident in Pajok, killing dozens of civilians. According to reports, the militia went door to door searching for people from other ethnic groups, prompting yet another international alarm of a possible genocide…

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Pres. Kiir’s forces butcher civilians in Pajok

4th April 2017

Pres. Kiir’s abuse and murder of his own people continue as today, in Pajok town, troops ‘slaughtered civilians like animals’ refugees say, as thousands flee to neighbouring Uganda.

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NAS Chairman addresses the the nation

3rd April 2017

NAS Chairman addresses the the nation

Chairman and C-in-C of the National Salvation Front aka NAS releases an audio message to the people of South Sudan. The 30 minute audio message was released on NAS’s Facebook page and in the first 5 days, was viewed by over 12 thousand people.

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NAS is launched!

6th March 2017

NAS is launched!

“It is in this spirit of dedication to the cause of our people that I, General Thomas Cirillo Swaka, on behalf of the National Salvation Front, solemnly declare the launching of the National Salvation Front (NAS) on this 6th Day of March, 2017,”

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