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NAS mourns the passing of Gen Lukudu Lo Yosea and his two bodyguards

With a heavy heart, deep sorrow and grief the leadership of the National Salvation Front (NAS) informs the general public, supporters and all units of the tragic loss of the revolutionary freedom fighter, Gen Lukudu Lo Yosea and two of his guards, who got martyred while on active duty striving for their people and country, in a tragic boat accident.

Juba regime, opposition alliance agree to address root causes of conflict

National Salvation Front (NAS) chairman and member of the leadership council of South Sudan Opposition Movements Alliance (SSOMA) has praised a declaration for re-commitment and adherence to a Cessation of Hostilities Agreement of December 2017 by the government of South Sudan. 

[InTheNews] What is needed is not just an agreement but a platform…

What is needed is not just an agreement but a platform....

What is needed is not just an agreement but a platform, a method of making agreements and keeping them. Inclusivity must be one of the pillars. Without everyone who can contribute to the peace process, there is no possibility of long-term solutions. Inclusivity is a must. True inclusivity recognizes that others hold some power and, especially, that they hold the key to future cooperation.

NAS commends peace efforts by Sant’Egido Community and SSOMA

In a press release issued today, the official NAS spokesman Suba Samual has congratulated the Sant'Egido Community and the South Sudan Opposition Alliance (SSOMA) for successfully convening in Rome in a search of genuine and sustainable peace in the country. 410