NAS slams extension of the interim government, urges Pres. Kiir to step down immediately

The leadership of the National Salvation Front (NAS) has condemned the 24-month extension of the interim government saying it will only prolong the suffering of the people and push the already failed state nearer to total collapse and disintegration, and has urged Pres Kiir to “make a patriotic gesture” and immediately step down to allow the people to chart their destiny towards sustainable peace and prosperity.

NAS made the statement in a press release issued Monday, August 08, 2022, entitled “Statement on the Extension of the Interim Period”.

The statement also pointed out that “NAS, from the onset of the conception of the Revitalized Agreement on Resolution of Conflict in South Sudan (R-ARCSS) and its subsequent signing, rejected this agreement because it does not address the root causes of the conflict in the country.”

President Kiir is on record on several occasions complaining that the R-ARCSS is designed not to implement because it is non-implementable. There is no logic in the extension of something that is unimplementable!

Its extension, as such, means renewing the same failed and futile agreement that will amount to nothing but prolonging the suffering of the people; the continuation of impunity, corruption, insecurity and the stifling of freedom of expression.

NAS also has urged the IGAD, AU, TROIKA and the International Community to stand with the people of South Sudan in rejecting the extension and to support the initiatives to chart a new way forward.

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