Coronavirus in South Sudan – A message from NAS

The COVID-19 situation in South Sudan is alarmingly getting into uncontrollable level.

Following reports of an alarming and uncontrollable rise in Coronavirus infections in South Sudan, the leadership of the National Salvation Front (NAS), through its spokesman, has issued a statement to the people of South Sudan.


For Immediate Press Release

In a letter dated 12th May 2020 on the situation of COVID-19 pandemic in South Sudan, the Chairman and Commander-in-Chief of National Salvation Front, Gen. Thomas Cirillo Swaka issued a solidarity message to the people of South Sudan. In his message, he urged the people of South Sudan to be hopeful; resilient and that they should take the responsibility of combating the spread of the COVID-19 pandemic amongst themselves and their families. This came about after the realization that the regime in Juba has failed to provide responsibility and leadership in managing the spread of the COVID-19 pandemic.

The COVID-19 situation in South Sudan is alarmingly getting into an uncontrollable level. Some of the members of the High-Level Taskforce for COVID-19, the body responsible for designing measures and mechanism to combat the spread of the disease, are affected by the virus. This is because of a lack of seriousness to comply with WHO regulations in combating the spread of the disease and the responsibility to serve the people of South Sudan.

The people of South Sudan should know that the regime of Salva Kiir is only driven by political and corruption motives and it is never interested in addressing national catastrophe such as COVID-19. The regime has relaxed control measures when the evidence shows that the incidence of the disease is increasing. By this action, the Government has betrayed the people of South Sudan, and has not provided the expected measures to protect the health of its citizens.

The seriousness of the regime can be captured in this tweet by Michael Makuei, the Minister of Information

South Sudan at the moment is facing numerous national challenges namely: poverty, insecurity, inter-tribal conflicts, civilian displacements and hunger yet the regime keeps on lying to the world that the situation in South Sudan is improving. The country is blessed with myriad of health experts whose services could have been mobilized, and used to control the disease, but instead, the regime has opted to ostracize these health professionals.

In conflict setting where the regime is dysfunctional and the state has failed just like it is in South Sudan, communities and people most often depend on social support system to face realities. The Leadership of NAS therefore, urges the people of South Sudan to use the family support system to fight the spread of the COVID-19 by taking care of themselves as parents and their children. Events such as funerals, weddings and parties should be avoided for now, keep social distancing and wear mask while in public place.

The people of South Sudan in the counties and in the rural areas are going through a lot of challenges. NAS calls upon all people of South Sudan to avoid movement from one location to another such that this pandemic can be prevented from spreading to villages where the people are already vulnerable and exposed due to lack of services. NAS very much encourages the people to follow the measures and directives prescribed by World Health Organization (WHO) and ask the agencies operating on health sector to help in translating these messages into local languages for easy understanding.

Finally, the Leadership of NAS urges the International Community, Humanitarian Organizations, Faith-Based Organizations, Religious Leaders, Civil Society Organizations (CSOs) and the Community Leaders to help the suffering people of South Sudan at this difficult time of COVID-19 global pandemic by giving all the necessary support to the people, raise awareness of the disease, give them hope and build the confidence of the people to combat the disease.

Suba Samuel Manase
NAS Spokesman


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