UN Report tells of SSPDF’s butchery of civilians in Lasu and Morobo

One grieving mother of one of the victims noted that “they killed him just to show the population what would happen if you support NAS A recent UN Security Report released by the Panel of Experts on South Sudan has corroborated allegations that Kiir's regime is orchestrating and executing military operations targeting civilians in Central and Western Equatoria.

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2 Responses

  1. 11th May 2020

    […] the UN Panel of Experts on South Sudan has noted that innocent civilians appear to be bear the brunt of violence by government troops and forces who believe that the […]

  2. 14th May 2020

    […] of Juba’s militia and their counter-insurgency campaigns— most of which have resulted in the indiscriminate killing of civilians, rape of women, torture, forced displacement of local communitie… and deliberately causing shortages in food and other basic supplies —can continue to hold onto […]