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20200719 NAS Latest Press Release Liria and Lobonok Attacks

20200719 NAS Latest Press Release Liria and Lobonok Attacks

The Leadership of National Salvation Front (NAS) informs its members, supporters, the people of South Sudan and members of International Community about the latest South Sudan People’s Defense Forces (SSPDF) military offensive against NAS positions in some parts of Liria and Lobonok Counties of Central Equatoria State.

Leadership Council of the NAS Youth Congress appointed

The Chairman and Command-in-Chief of the National Salvation Front (NAS) Gen Thomas Cirillo has named the leaders of the NAS Youth Congress out a list of nominees elected and seconded by honourable members of the Youth Congress.

“The hopes and aspiration of the people of South Sudan are on NAS,” Gen Thomas Cirillo

“The hopes and aspirations of the people of South Sudan are on NAS to bring about hope and salvation to the people and to restore peace and dignity. Messages reaching us from inside the country, from refugees in neighbouring countries, and even from some foreigners who closely monitor the situation in our country indicate that NAS is the peoples’ popular choice. This is a great responsibility that has been put upon us – and we must rise to it,” Chairman Thomas Cirillo said.

15 civilians executed as SSPDF and SPLA-IO continue to commit atrocities

On the run from tyranny inflicted on them by the joint forces of Kiir’s SSPDF and Machar’s SPLA-IO in Central Equatoria, civilians continue to find themselves targets of systematic killings, looting, burning of huts, physical harassment and torture.

“On 31st May 2020, the SPLA IO force under the joint command of Maj. Gen. John Mabiah and Maj. Gen. Moses Lokujo carried out summary execution of fifteen (15) innocent civilians in the villages of Loguni, Panyume Payam, Morobo County in Central Equatoria State,” read a press statement issued today by the spokesman of the National Salvation Front (NAS) Mr Suba Samuel.

NAS Destroys Kiir, Riek Offensives

Sixty-one (61) government soldiers killed. Three (3) vehicles and one (1) armored Personnel Carrier (APC) destroyed. Forty-three (43) AK 47 rifles, two (2) 12.7 machine-guns, nine (9) RPG-7 and different assorted ammunition captured.

NAS Spokesman, Suba Samuel

NAS refutes allegations on the kidnap of SPLA-IO officers

The National Salvation Front (NAS) has refuted false allegations by the SPLA-IO Deputy Military Spokesperson, Col. Lam Paul Gabriel that NAS abducted about eight of their officers – a claim that has now appeared to be a coverup of a much tragic internal power rivalry within the SPLA-IO.

SSPDF cancels all road movement for UNMISS and NGOs

Ahead of the ongoing SSPDF/SPLA-IO joint all-out military offensive against NAS positions, the SSPDF cancelled all road movement by the UNMISS and all other NGOs in a move that is believed to provide cover and deny NGOs access to areas where atrocities by the SSPDF- SPLA IO on civilians are most likely to happen.