Rot At The Top Exposed In ‘Foreign Affairs’ Mediocrity

National Salvation Front has termed the reaction of the Ministry of Foreign Affairs in Juba to the decision of the United States government recalling its ambassador, as “mediocre and lacking integrity”.

NAS has termed the reaction of the Ministry of Foreign Affairs in Juba to the decision of the United States government recalling its ambassador, as “mediocre and lacking integrity”. 

NAS chairperson for Political Committee Dr Lako Kwajok has said that while the United States government through its Secretary of State Mike Pompeo has the prerogative to question the suitability of President Salva Kiir and Riek Machar to lead South Sudan out of the current conflict, the government of Kiir has also gladly earned the insults being hurled at it by the international community and regional leaders.

 “The arguments by the regime in Juba that -the president has never asked for an extension of the pre-transitional period- is a mockery of our intelligence as citizens of South Sudan. We know and the international community are well aware that Kiir and his circle of friends have done everything to render the implementation of key provisions of the R-ARCISS impossible,” said Dr Lako. 

Kiir has continued to violate the terms of the peace agreement by recruiting and expanding his ethnic militia base as well as enticing other rebel commanders toward defection with promises of amnesty for war crimes and crimes against humanity, monetary and political rewards in exchange for their blind loyalty. 

“Our position has always been clear. We maintain that the R-ARCISS is not inclusive enough and will therefore not address the root causes of the conflict in South Sudan,” Dr Lako said. 

“The politics of co-opting members of armed opposition and liberation movements without adequate long-term safeguards to address the reasons for the conflict must end. We are glad that the United States and other regional powers are now seeing the true intentions of the two main protagonists in the conflict in our home,” explained Sokiri LoPoni Manase, a member of the NAS Political Committee and Acting Chairperson of the Information Committee, following his recent visit to freedom-fighters in the field.

“The plight of the people of South Sudan can no longer be ransomed to the whims of two individuals and their ethnic militia backers.” 

“We demand that the international community and regional powers take serious action by calling for an all-inclusive dialogue that brings to the negotiating table non-signatories to the failing R-ARCISS, especially the South Sudan Opposition Movement Alliance (SSOMA)”, stated Dr Lako. 

 Formation of a government of national unity without the infrastructure and mechanisms for the effective function of such government will only prolong the agony and misery of the people of South Sudan. 

“Salva Kiir is not committed to the integration of security forces; he has drawn a redline to issue of security arrangements for Juba and other major towns and has rejected to consider revoking the unconstitutional and illegitimate thirty-two (32) states’ decree. 

In addition, Kiir and Riek have continued to recruit and expand their tribal militia, they are both reluctant to fully canton their forces and they have both under the South Sudan People’s Liberation Army, continued armed aggression toward the defensive positions of the non-signatories to the R-ARCISS,” summed Dr Lako. 

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