Opposition alliance meet Catholic powerhouse in Rome to discuss South Sudan’s future

THOMAS CIRILLO SWAKA South Sudan Opposition Movements Alliance “The issues that we think can bring sustainable peace in South Sudan is for us as South Sudanese to address the root causes of the conflict. In governance, in security, in human rights, the issues of accountability, and continue to make progress that is accepted by all of us. This, we believe can restore the power of our people to the people, for them to be able to decide their future, democratic process.”

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2 Responses

  1. 23rd November 2019

    […] On the background of a failing peace agreement (aka R-ARCSS), the Sant’Egidio Community in Rome reached out to non-signatories of the agreement. The meeting between the catholic powerhouse and SSOMA took place in Rome Italy from 18th to 20th Nov…. […]

  2. 20th December 2019

    […] November 2019, a delegation of the SSOMA led by NAS Chairman Gen. Thomas Cirillo met the Sant’Egidio community in Rome, Italy from 18th to 20t…. The meeting, and the widely distributed communique of the meeting, received national and […]