Media Statements


20201228 NAS Latest Press Release On Attacks in Loka West

On 21 and 22 December 2020, a force of Kiir's SSPDF under Loka West detachment raped 3 women, maimed 7 others, burned several huts, looted properties, and forced members of a church to drink alcohol...


20201224 NAS Christmas and New Year's Message

"My Christmas and New Year's message to you this year is that of Courage and Resolve.

The dignity and rights of our people have been undermined by the regime. The regime and elites in Juba have looted the resources of the country while the people of South Sudan continue to languish in abject poverty with no basic services such as clean water, health services, food and education for their children. The time for you, the people of South Sudan to say enough is enough, is now. 'You need to take your destiny into your own hands. The time has come for you to be courageous and resolute to reclaim your rights of freedom and restore your dignity. NAS has heard the voices of the people who, despite the threats to their lives, have openly and frankly told the regime that it has failed the people of South Sudan and therefore it must go. I urge all of you to be courageous and continue to use all forums including
those set by the regime to voice your opinions and demand your rights. No amount of threats, intimidation, and violence will ever defeat the courage and resolve of the people."

Gen. Thomas Cirillo, NAS Chairman and C-in-C


20201218 NAS Diplomatic Mission to UK

On December 18 2020, Order Number 59/18/12.2020 appointed Mr. Federico Awi Vuni Head of Mission to the United Kingdom (UK); Mr. David L. D. Loro, Deputy Head of Mission; and Mrs. Rita Polino Logali Secretary.


20201208 NAS Latest Press Release On Brig Gen Kennedy Ongie joining NAS

Statement on Brig Gen Kennedy Ongie Odong, former Section 9 commander of Tafeng Division of the SPLA-IO in Eastern Equatoria State,  who on Saturday, December 5, 2020, joined NAS together with some of his colleagues and several forces under his command.

The press release also calls on all forces in the country who find themselves dissatisfied with Kiir's dictatorial regime and Machar's defunct SPLM-IO to join hands with the popular revolutionary NAS in its struggle 'to restore the people's lost dignity, justice, equality, and freedom'.


20201208 NAS Diplomatic Mission to Finland and Iceland

Order Number 57/08/12.2020 issued on December 08, 2020, appointed Mr. Yoanes Nyago K. Akol Head of Mission to Finland and Iceland (FINIC); Mr. Malish Festo Badi, Deputy Head of Mission; Mr. Fada Lako M. Kenyi, Secretary; and Mr. Peter Kenyata Lasuba, member.


20201111 SSOMA Suspends participation in CTSAMVM workshop

"...Unfortunately, the government has been violating the agreement multiple times and the most recent being on the 10th November, 2020 by attacking our positions in the country, at the very time while we, the SSOMA are participating in CTSAMVM workshop in Rome, Italy. SSOMA’s participation in this workshop is technical and informational and above all was intended to build trust between SSOMA and the government and to create a conducive environment for further negotiations.

"This recent violation is the last straw RTGoNU has demonstrated in their lack of political will, to the recommitment to CoHA and in building trust. Therefore, effective immediately,  SOMA is suspending its participation in CTSAMVM workshop in Rome until RTGoNU respects and commits itself to CoHA."


20201110 NAS Latest Press Release On CoHA Violations

"...this cowardly attack came at the time when there is on-going CTSAMMV workshop between the Government and South Sudan Opposition Alliance SSOMA in Rome Italy. NAS condemns this uncalled-for attack which shows the intransigent of the regime of Salva Kiir and holds the government responsible for breach of the COHA agreement and the Rome Declaration and any consequences of this cowardly attack."


SSOMA PR Flood and Humanitarian Disaster in South Sudan

The South Sudan Opposition Alliance (SSOMA) stands in solidarity with the victims of the floods in South Sudan, condemns the inaction and poor leadership of the regime in Juba, and holds it responsible for the loss of lives and suffering of the flood victims due to neglect by a regime whose primary responsibility should be to serve and protect the people.


20201022 Dismissal of NAS Members Murtada Jalal, Dr. Lako Kwajok, and Leeri Johnson

The National Salvational Front (NAS) has dishonorably dismissed some of its senior members who have been caught red-handed sabotaging the efforts of the revolutionary struggle and instigating division among its ranks and file.

Although the details of the crimes of these saboteurs have not been released, their names, however, have been revealed.

Murtada Jalal Abdalla Baballa, Dr. Lako Jada Kwajok, and Leeri Johnson Marella were named in the dismissal letter signed and dated October 22, 2020.


20201023 Dissolution of NAS Interim Political Committee

The Interim Political Committee of the National Salvation Front (NAS) has been dissolved to form proper NAS political structures.