In pictures: compelling graphic evidence of SSPDF crimes against humanity on innocent civilians in CES


The National Salvation Front (NAS) has gathered evidence from independent investigators, family members of the deceased and other victims of a spree of recent coordinated ethnic-based war crimes targetting specific areas and communities in Central Equatoria State (CES).

A few weeks ago, Mr Suba Samuel expressed in a press release NAS’s concerns following a worrying increase in the scale, ruthlessness, veracity and frequency of human rights violations and crimes against humanity committed by elements of Kiir’s forces across the country in general, and in Central Equatoria State (CES) in particular.

According to the May 26 press release, Kiir’s Juba regime “punishing civilians for allegedly supporting NAS and/or because of their ethnic background”, and have resolved to “use force and pursue a policy of mass displacement, uprooting and punishing civilians through the creation of intra and inter-tribal conflicts to keep communities busy fighting each other, thus preventing them from paying attention to national issues and the failures of the government in Juba”.

However, following the incidences, NAS vowed that, while continues to maintain its commitment to the Cessation of Hostilities Agreement (CoHA), it will not relent from its commitment and mandate “to defend not only itself but the civilians who look up to NAS for safety and protection”.


…NAS will not relent from its mandate to defend not only itself but the civilians who look up to it for safety and protection


The revolutionary NAS forces are steadfast and are keenly following the development on the ground and will do everything in their power when it comes to defending the civilian population.

Lainya County Pictures



Kajo Keji County

Similarly, in other parts of the country, Kiir’s regime is backing and heavily arming cattle-keepers to executed his policies of targeting specific groups and communities. In the next set of images, you will see heavily armed pastoralist marching their cattle into people’s land and farms to graze. The SSPDF is promoting the practice just to punish some citizens because of their ethnic background while rewarding a few others with the loot from the former.



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    […] the evidence remains unclear, the National Salvation Front said in a statement dated June 11, that it “has gathered evidence from independent investigators, family members of […]