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NAS counter-attack hits Tiger-Division base just 15 miles from Juba

Eleven (11) enemy soldiers have been killed, nine (9) AKM/47 assault riffles captured along with assorted quantities of ammunition and other equipment following a daring and successful counter-attack by the revolutionary forces of the National Salvation Front (NAS) on Wednesday, August 5 in Gorom Payam, a suburb just fifteen (15) miles from Juba the capital.

NAS Spokesman, Suba Samuel

NAS refutes allegations on the kidnap of SPLA-IO officers

The National Salvation Front (NAS) has refuted false allegations by the SPLA-IO Deputy Military Spokesperson, Col. Lam Paul Gabriel that NAS abducted about eight of their officers – a claim that has now appeared to be a coverup of a much tragic internal power rivalry within the SPLA-IO.

Analysis: The Fallacy of Legitimacy

The era in which the regime in Juba can ride on the back of history has long passed. Power associated with liberation ideals previously espoused in the names of the Sudan Peopleโ€™s Liberation Movement has long decayed.