Top 10 FAQs



To 10 things you need to know about NAS Radio


#10- What is this NAS Radio everybody is talking about? Who is behind it?

As we all know, the National Salvation Front (NAS) is the only struggle left that is truly struggling for the oppressed people of South Sudan. NAS has decided to launch this radio – NAS Radio – and make it not only its voice but also the voice of the oppressed people of South Sudan.

So, NAS Radio, in short, is the voice of the National Salvation Front (NAS), and the oppressed people of South Sudan.


#09- Where is this NAS Radio based? Where are the studios and where is its headquarters?

NAS Radio is based here, there, everywhere, and nowhere in particular. Our mobile studios and our trained staffs are capable of broadcasting from anywhere…from deep behind enemy lines in Juba, Malakal, or Wau; from deep inside the bushes of South Sudan and NAS liberated areas, and – for that matter – from anywhere else in the world.

We are mobile… as a matter of fact, technology has allowed as to be based on your smartphone, computer, or web browser. With just one click, you can listen to us, or we can listen to you!

#08- How can I listen to NAS Radio? How do I tune in to listen to its programs?

NAS Radio LIVE shows and programs can be heard over the internet via a radio player on our website. You can also tune in and listen via our Facebook page. We also have a NAS Radio mobile app, and we regularly update our social media platforms (YouTube Channel and Facebook pages) with downloadable and sharable episodes of our shows and programs.

#07- Where can I download this App? What devices can I download it on?

The NAS Radio app is now available on both Apple Store and Google Play…just search for NAS Radio. We shall also provide on the screen of this video and in the description if you are watching on Facebook or YouTube.

The Apple version is available for iPhone, Apple TV and Apple Watch. The Android version is available for all Android phones, Android TV, and Android Auto.


#06- What programs and shows will NAS Radio air? What can I expect from this radio?

Our programs will reflect the socio-political situation in our beloved country. We shall be explaining over and over again why NAS is fighting and how the dignity and the unity of our people need to be restored. No matter how much we speak about the root causes of the problem, people continue to ask… What are the root causes? So, we shall be addressing that, and many more issues.

We shall also be exposing the destructive policies and the lies of the regime…. We shall be reporting our progress and successes, as well as our failures in the hope of improving them. The programs will originate from the youth who form not only the core of NAS but – being the future of the nation – they have a lot of say in what is happening. Our women will also be heard loud and clear because they – our mothers, our sister, and our daughters – are arguably suffering more than anyone else. So they get to have a big say.

We shall also be talking to our leadership so that we get to know them, and we also get to know about what they are doing for the people.

So, expect a lot… it is only through enlightenment and encouragement that our people get to know that there is a formidable force and will that stands resolute in its promise to protect civilians, restore their dignity and get the root causes of the conflict addressed.

#05- People use radio stations to send and listen to messages to greetings to others. Can I send messages through NAS Radio?

YES! NAS Radio, like the NAS Movement, is a peoples’ voice. Via the mobile app, there is a ‘Shout-out’ function that enables listeners to send messages/greetings to others directly and securely via NAS Radio. All information received will be kept confidential and all messages will be listened to and addressed accordingly.

#04- Can I listen to old episodes of my favorite programs?

YES. All programs aired on NAS Radio will be made available for download and offline viewing, listening, or sharing. For more information, visit the NAS website.

#03- If I do not want to download the app for security reasons, how else can I listen to NAS Radio?

The NAS Radio app is not mandatory to listen to the radio. Without the app installed, you can still listen to NAS Radio on myTuner, on our Facebook page and on our NAS website.

#02- What languages or dialects will be used in the programs?

Because NAS – meaning the people – is for the people and by the people, we speak the language of the people. Our shows and programs will be spoken mainly in Simple Arabic, Arabic, and English. We shall also create targetted messages in the dialects of all the tribes of South Sudan. This is important because every South Sudanese need to understand what is at stake. Citizens need to hear messages in their own tongue giving them hope and reassurance never to surrender to this oppressive and corrupt regime. More importantly, the citizens who have suffered for so long need to know these rulers need to go!

#01- When will NAS Radio be officially launched?

September 2020