NAS respects Gen. Loburon’s decision to quit and wishes him well

NAS strong and united under Thomas Cirillo - members reassured

The leadership of the National Salvation Front (NAS) has come out to reassure the general public that it respects the decision of Gen. John Kenyi Lotio, also known as Kenyi Loburon, to leave the organization and form his own group. This announcement follows a statement circulating on social media, which claims that Gen. Kenyi, the former NAS Deputy Chief of Staff for Training, has departed from NAS to establish a new faction.

In an official press release, NAS Spokesman Suba Samuel addressed the situation, clarifying that Gen. Kenyi has indeed unilaterally left NAS with a few of his bodyguards and is now operating independently from the NAS chain of command. The press release provided insight into the challenges Gen. Kenyi faced during his tenure, highlighting that he had been dealing with legal, security, and administrative issues for the past three years. These issues were exacerbated by the infiltration of his close officers and aides by National Security Operatives in Juba and enemies of NAS abroad, which tragically led to the killing of three of his close officers.

Despite these challenges, the NAS leadership assured its members and the people of South Sudan that the situation remains calm and under control in all zones managed by NAS commanders. The organization emphasized that it respects Gen. Kenyi’s decision and wishes him well in his future endeavors.

Additionally, NAS leadership reassured the people of South Sudan that their movement will not be weakened or defeated by acts of conspiracies and infiltrations by the Kiir Regime. They emphasized that with discipline and integrity, NAS will continue to struggle until the root causes of the conflict are addressed.

Internationally, NAS’s reaction has been applauded for its non-confrontational nature. Some experts even suggest that Kenyi’s exit could strengthen the movement in many areas, allowing NAS to focus more effectively on its core objectives.

NAS urged its members and supporters to remain calm and continue their normal duties as usual, reaffirming their commitment to maintaining stability and order within their ranks.

This development marks a significant moment for NAS, as it navigates the complexities of internal changes while continuing to strive for its objectives in South Sudan. The leadership’s message underscores a commitment to respect, resilience, and composure in the face of organizational shifts

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