NAS counter-attack hits Tiger-Division base just 15 miles from Juba


Eleven (11) enemy soldiers have been killed, nine (9) AKM/47 assault riffles captured along with assorted quantities of ammunition and other equipment following a daring and successful counter-attack by the revolutionary forces of the National Salvation Front (NAS) on Wednesday, August 5 in Gorom Payam, a suburb just fifteen (15) miles from Juba the capital.

The counter-attack targetted a forward tactical operation base of Kiir’s Tiger Division that has been at the centre of coordinated operations and on-going military offensives against NAS positions.

“The base is being used by SSPDF for coordinating operations and its on-going military offensive against NAS positions in Equatoria, especially to command its present attack on NAS positions in Mundri, Western Equatoria State,” Suba Samuel, NAS Spokesperson said in a press release.

Only 3 NAS freedom fighters were martyred in the attack. The leadership has since congratulated and praised those who continue to sacrifice their lives for the noble patriotic cause to restore dignity.

Meanwhile, in Lobonok County located to the south of Juba, Kiir’s forces carried out attacks on innocent civilians looting and burning down several houses of civilians they alleged to be sympathetic to NAS and its program to restore unity and dignity to the people of South Sudan.

Similarly, “In Bazi, Morobo County, a small force of Kiir’s SSPDF looted cattle, goats and plundered villages of civilians taking refuge along the borders with Democratic Republic of Congo (DRC),” the press statement said.

NAS reiterates its commitment to the Cession of Hostilities Agreement (CoHA) signed on 21st December 2017 in Addis Ababa Ethiopia, and to the Rome Declaration signed on 20th January 2020 signed in Rome, Italy. NAS, however, reserves the right to self-defense.




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