NAS refutes allegations on the kidnap of SPLA-IO officers

NAS Spokesman, Suba Samuel
NAS Spokesman, Suba Samuel

The National Salvation Front (NAS) has refuted false allegations by the SPLA-IO Deputy Military Spokesperson, Col. Lam Paul Gabriel that NAS abducted about eight of their officers – a claim that has now appeared to be a coverup of a much tragic internal power rivalry within the SPLA-IO.

[Photo] NAS Spokesman, Suba Samuel

On May 14 2020, Col. Lam Paul issued a statement claiming that “about eight (8) SPLA IO including three (3) senior Officers, Brig. Gen. Sammy Logeleng, Brig. Gen. Clement Samuel and Col. Wokil Peter, were abducted by NAS in a road ambush in Kansuk, Kajo-Keji County”.

NAS Spokesperson Suba Samuel has rubbished these claims calling them “cheap lies being peddled by Col. Lam Paul Gabriel” in a desperate attempt to cover-up a bloody internal power rivalry.

“According to our sources, these officers were arrested by Gen. Moses Lukujo on 5th April 2020 under the instruction of Gen. Mabieh after protesting the promotion of Gen. Moses Lukujo into the rank of Maj. Gen and his subsequent appointment as Division Commander despite being junior to these two Brigadiers.

“In essence, the whole issue is about power rivalry within the SPLA IO,” the statement said.

This is not the first time the SPLA-IO Deputy Military Spokesperson Col. Lam Paul has been caught in his usual cheap act of vending of lies. According to the NAS spokesperson, there is just a lot of unrefutable evidence that puts the matter squarely on SPLA-IO’s court, and there is no escaping from it this time around.

“We urge SPLA-IO honestly to find time to explain to the soldiers these officers were commanding and to their respective families about what went wrong instead of inventing scapegoats which are unattainable.

“…if indeed confirmed [that] these Officers were killed, the leadership of NAS, the entire members and supporters send condolences and sympathize with the families of these officers. We pray that may God strengthen and comfort you at this difficult time,” ended the statement.



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