NAS neutralizes enemy reconnaissance mission a few kilometers south of Juba

Suba Samuel, NAS Spokesman, talking to the media

An enemy reconnaissance mission has been effectively neutralized after a small surgical force of the National Salvation Front (NAS) ambushed and destroyed the enemy intelligence mission on Wednesday, August 19 at Kuse Pager in Lobonok County, just a few kilometers from Juba.

In the attack, six enemy soldiers were killed and a few other others managed to escape into the bushes with injuries. Five AK47 riffles and assorted quantities of ammunition were also captured. Before retreating successfully to their base, the gallant NAS forces also burned down what was left of their vehicle – a 4×4 Toyota Land Cruiser.

According to a press release issued by Suba Samuel, the official NAS Spokesperson, NAS forces in the area have been closely monitoring the enemy’s reconnaissance operations and their preparations for attacks on NAS positions as well as their ploys to displace civilians in the area.

The destroyed vehicle, which was in the center of the operation collecting intelligence on NAS defensive positions and facilitating displacement of civilians, is said to belong to the guards of Vice-President Wani Igga who hails from the same area.

“NAS Leadership commends NAS Command in the area, Officers and other ranks in Loโ€™bonok for this successful operation aimed at destroying the enemy intelligence capability. NAS is monitoring the movement of the enemy troops closely and assure its members that the NAS gallant revolutionary combatants are ready to fight back any aggression against its positions,” read the press statement in part.

NAS reiterates its commitment to the Cession of Hostilities Agreement (CoHA) signed on 21st December 2017 in Addis Ababa Ethiopia, and to the Rome Declaration signed on 20th January 2020 signed in Rome, Italy. NAS, however, reserves the right to self-defense.

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