We, the Revolutionary People of South Sudan;

Realizing our national responsibilities to bring sustainable peace and prosperity to our people and to address the root causes of the conflict in South Sudan;

Recalling the launching of a revolutionary movement in South Sudan, the National Salvation Front (NAS) on the 6th of March 2017, to restore unity, dignity, and save the people from the ethnocentric regime;

Acknowledging the revolutionary, patriotic, and courageous decision taken at a critical time in our history by the Founding Members of NAS, under the leadership of Gen. Thomas Cirillo Swaka, the Chairperson and Commander-in-Chief, and launching the National Salvation Front;

Reaffirming NAS' determination to continue the struggle to build the Republic of South Sudan based on NAS core values of freedom, justice, equality before the law, human dignity, good governance, accountability, and unity in diversity;

Conscious that NAS is relentlessly striving for lasting peace in South Sudan, focusing on a people-centred and members-driven approach;

Whereas NAS advocates for a federal system of governance in South Sudan, aiming to create an inclusive, peaceful, united, and modern state ensuring freedom, justice, equality, and the rule of law without discrimination;

Recognizing that NAS believes in a federal constitution approved by a referendum, as the preferred political and constitutional arrangement for ensuring lasting peace, human dignity, democratic governance, and unity in diversity in South Sudan;

Remembering and inspired by the selfless sacrifices of our martyrs since 1947 to the present time;

Cognizant of NAS' commitment to its vision, mission, core values, objectives and principles as a mass revolutionary movement, and its belief in the advancement of these ideals; and

Highlighting that this Constitution shall guide NAS during its revolutionary armed struggle and shall be amended accordingly to adapt to any changing situation over time;

Now therefore, as members of the National Salvation Front (NAS), hereby adopt this Constitution to organize, regulate and manage the National Salvation Front to lead our people towards the desired change.

ln God We Trust

20240108 NAS Press Release on Kondokoro Atrocities

20240108 NAS Press Release on Kondokoro Atrocities

Report: The Tribal Police Force in South Sudan

The document examines appointments, promotions, postings, and deployments of Inspector Generals of Police (IGPs) and their deputies in South Sudan's police service from 2005 to present. Key points:

  • Appointments and promotions appear to be based more on tribal/ethnic ties and relationships with the President, First Vice President, or IGPs rather than job qualifications, experience, or merit.
  • The police service seems to devalue seniority and disparage experienced non-Dinka/Nuer officers trained in Sudan. Many qualified officers are denied promotions or forced into retirement.
  • Since the Comprehensive Peace Agreement era, Dinka members have dominated IGP and police leadership roles in most states, with Nuer members as deputies.
  • The police lack professionalism and capacity to protect public safety and lands in a lawful, sustainable manner. Force accused of brutality, corruption, theft.
  • Under the constitution, the President has unchecked powers to appoint unqualified, inexperienced officers to leadership roles. Lawmakers rubberstamp laws without understanding police policies.
  • Upcoming 2024 elections will demonstrate how tribal police policies are used to intimidate voters and conceal irregularities to keep current president in power.
  • Limiting presidential powers and moving police under state/county jurisdiction could improve professionalism, accountability, and serve interests of nation rather than tribe.

The document provides detailed profiles of IGPs and deputies from 2005-present, highlighting lack of qualifications and disproportionate Dinka/Nuer representation compared to other ethnic groups. It advocates reforming the police force to be more professional, accountable, and representative of the nation.

20231225 NAS Christmas Message

20231225 NAS Christmas Message of hope and resilience... the dawn of justice is near

Statement: The Ruling SPLMโ€™s Leaders Vindicate NASโ€™s political Standpoint

A statement by Dr. Peter LoKarlo - Chairman of the National Information and Public Relations Committee.

Kiir Regime Targets Religious and Traditional Leaders: NAS Press Release

A Press Release from the leadership of the National Salvation Front highlighting a series of carefully planned target attacks on religious and traditional leaders (and their property).

20220727 NSSSOG Clarification Statement

The Non-Signatory South Sudan Opposition Groups(NSSSOG) released a statement entitled โ€˜An Urgent Call to all South Sudanese Stakeholdersโ€™ on 13th July 2022. The statement called on all stakeholders in the country from the political forces, civil society groups, faith-based groups women and youth groups to reject the plans of the R-TGONU to extend its period as the R-ARCSS comes to an end in February 2023 and work towards building a consensus on the way forward to save the country from total collapse and disintegration. The statement further called for a round table conference of all stakeholders in the country to be convened in a neutral venue to discuss the fate of the country and agree on a new dispensation beyond February 2023.


We the Non-Signatory South Sudan Opposition Parties, who rejected the R-ARCSS, and are now driven by the noble goal to rescue our state and our nation from collapse and disintegration, call on all South Sudanese political forces and all the other South Sudanese stakeholders from civil society, faith based, women and youth organizations to forge a way forward, formalizing the current discussion and to build consensus which will lead to the establishment of a New transition with a government of Technocrats/Hybrid government, as the R-TGoNU Transitional Period comes to an end by February 2023.

20220510 NAS Position on the resumption of the Jonglei Canal Project

Jonglei Canal project: a threat to National Security and a betrayal of the people of South Sudan

The National Salvation Front (NAS) has strongly come out to criticise the resumption of the unpopular Jonglei Canal project, which risks draining the Sudd wetlands, as a serious National Security threat and a betrayal of the people of South Sudan.

20210819 SSOMA's Response to Kiir's Statement on recent Juba-Nimule Road Attacks

A detailed response condemning Kiir's statement on the issue and 11 strong points exposing the lies and communication the truths that Kiir and his regime do not want people to know.