[Video] Thousands displaced in Yei River County following civilian-targeted government aggression – Archbishop Yugusuk


The Archbishop of Central Equatoria Internal Province Dr Paul Yugusuk has said evidence gathered from hundreds of testimonies strongly suggest that aggression by government forces in the area have resulted in the displacement of thousands of civilians and deaths of an unknown number of civilians.

“We have come here to listen to the stories, to the testimonies… and it is indeed evident that it is the government (of Salva Kiir) that started these aggressions,” said the Archbishop.

The Archbishop, who also urged for humanitarian support, said those responsible for this continuous broad-day humanitarian crime must be brought to book and held accountable for their crimes.

“There is no way that you can displace this many people and no one is held responsible. We must find who is responsible…. I call upon CTSAMM (ceasefire monitoring body) to verify exactly what happened and to bring the violators of the CoHA to book!”

Watch the full video below



Video 02: Some of the testimonies



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