NAS directs troops to offer safe passage to deserting SSDF and allied militia

Following intelligence reports of mass desertions of SSPDF forces and their allied militia from training camps and duty stations across the country, the leadership of the National Salvation Front (NAS) has issued directives to all its forces in the liberated areas to allow “unhindered humanitarian corridor” and “the safe passage” for deserters fleeing Kiir’s failed regime to “reunite with their deprived families in all parts of South Sudan and the refugee camps” in the neighbouring countries.

This generous order was made public via a press release dated and signed December 2nd by Mr Suba Samual, the NAS Spokesman in a press release.


According to the same press release, reports from NAS intelligence and commanders suggest that several training camps are being deserted due to “non-payment of salaries, poor living conditions, challenging combat environment, low combat morale, and dissatisfaction over false promises made during the mobilization”. These reports have also been supported and validated by regional and international observers.

Talking about false promises and a failed peace agreement, a recent report quotes Salva Kiir stating – without much shame or remorse – that “unified forces to graduate with sticks!

However, NAS leadership in the person of its Chairman and Commander-in-Chief General Thomas Cirillo has also praised and applauded the deserters for their “timely and patriotic decision”, adding that nothing will be done to them as they pass through NAS controlled areas to reach their families in the other parts of the country or in refugee camps in the neighbouring countries.

While applauding the deserters’ patriotic decision to free themselves from being used as Kiir’s personal militia, NAS strongly suggested that those who remain undecided should rethink their allegiance and not allow themselves to be tools of the Juba political elite used to “kill, rape and commit atrocities against their fellow citizens”.

The press release went on to reiterate NAS’ commitment to bringing about lasting peace to South Sudan through addressing the root causes of the conflict.



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