Kiir’s forces kidnap two toddlers in Morobo Country

Kiir's forces kidnap two toddlers in Morobo Country

On-the-ground reports reaching NAS information committee today 15th November suggest Kiir’s militia originating from Panyana have trespassed into Lujulo Payam, Morobo County (Central Equatoria) kidnapping two toddlers and causing many more to pack their belongings and attempt to flee the continuous targeting and harassment of innocent civilians mainly women, children and the elderly.ย 

The two mothers of the missing toddlers plus three other women, who were out in the hills drying their cassava and minding their livelihood, said they fled the scene out of sheer fear of their lives after Kiir’s militia starting gun-butting them, threatening to rape and kill all of them.ย 

The terrified parents of the toddlers are still in shock as no-one can answer or even try to imagine where or what could have happened to the two babies kidnapped by Kiir’s notorious militia. NAS editorial was able to establish that the parents of the Mary, the first 1year 10 Months toddler are Moses Sira and Matata Ayozu; and Christine, the second toddler is a child to Amude and David Sira.ย 

“What we need is a well-disciplined national army that protects civilians, instead of we this menace that has reduced our people to nothing,”

As a result of the incident, many of the civilians who had temporarily escaped Kiir’s menace and sought refuge in Lujulo Payam, are now being forced to pack yet again and flee into safer territory away from Kiir’s terror and deeper into the safety of NAS controlled areas or neighbouring countries.ย 

“It is sad and unfortunate that Kiir’s militia who have been losing battles against NAS forces are looking for and targetting innocent civilians. We know they are known for rape, but for them to kidnap and take away children as young as 2 years old from their mothers just explains why civilians flee when they hear Kiir’s militia are near… ย 

“What we need is a well-disciplined national army that protects civilians, instead of we this menace that has reduced our people to nothing,” said one of the displaced.

Meanwhile, the NAS Commander in the area Gen. Ayume who has been busy receiving and accommodating the new displaced citizens, has renewed NAS’s commitment to protecting civilians and their properties. He appealed to the local and international humanitarian organizations to support the affected civilians.

“How can people continue to talk about ‘peace’ in South Sudan under these types of crimes against humanity, these targetted attacks on South Sudanese civilians, these constant under-the-radar deceptions that Kiir continues to get away with. When will the world and South Sudanese see that unless the root causes are discussed and addressed, nothing will change…”

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