NAS Youth Congress to be sworn in on Saturday 27th June

NAS Youth Congress Council

Youth delegates from the various international branches of the National Salvation Front (NAS) are set to be officially sworn in this Saturday to form the NAS Youth Congress Council.

The members of the Youth Council will also elect their candidates for the executive posts of Chairperson, Speaker and Deputy Speaker.

The formation of the NAS Youth Congress Council follows up on the April 2017 Resolutions by the NAS leadership to establish NAS political and civil structures.

The NAS National Coordinator for Organizational Affairs Eng. David Loro has been overseeing and supervising the formation of the NAS Youth Congress Council.

The names of the winning candidates for the positions of the Chairperson, Speaker and Deputy Speaker of the Council will be presented to the NAS leadership for final approval.


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  1. 14th July 2020

    […] Saber Emmanuel’s appointment comes after his peers in the Youth Congress, on June 27, elected and seconded three nominees for Chairperson of the executive organ of NAS Youth […]