Breaking: NAS Senior Officers allege signature forgery in denunciation letters, assert unwavering loyalty

A couple of senior NAS officers have returned to their commands, vehemently denying their alleged involvement in letters denouncing NAS, citing forgery of their names and signatures. The individuals, falsely implicated in the purported disowning of NAS, are standing firm, asserting their unwavering commitment to the movement, its cause, and leadership.

One of the officers, Col Sebatiano Taritizo Zame, whose name appeared on a forged letter circulating on social media, distanced himself from the disavowal, clarifying that he remains loyal to NAS under the leadership of Gen Thomas Cirillo. In a communication addressed to his command in Zone 3, Western Equatoria State, Col Zame disassociated himself from the alleged NAS Revolutionary Command Council, underscoring his continued allegiance to the movement.

“I, Col Sebatiano Taritizo Zame, hereby disassociate myself from the NAS Revolutionary Command Council,” he asserted.

Other falsely implicated officers, who are currently unnamed, have also taken similar steps, reaching out to their respective commands and collaborating with various NAS organs to unravel the conspiracy.

Since the declaration by the dismissed NAS members on February 5, NAS has faced a coordinated onslaught of misinformation and propaganda, strategically aimed at weakening and undermining the movement.

In response, the leadership has reassured its members and the public that the orchestrated campaign is merely a desperate regime’s ploy. NAS affirms that all its organs and structures remain resilient and intact, guided by the wise and steadfast leadership of General Thomas Cirillo.



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