NAS Leadership and Gen Kenyi Luburong rubbish resignation propaganda as cheap lies


General John Kenyi Luburon has publicly come out to rubbish propaganda claiming he resigned from the National Salvation Front/Army (NAS), and adding that he is not “someone who can be bought with money,” nor will he “surrender citizen into the hands of the oppressor”.

Gen. Luburon – the NAS Deputy Chief of Staff for Training and the Sector Commander of Central Equatoria – made the statement in a hand-written letter dated February 02, 2021 and addressed to all commissioned and non-commissioned officers, and members and supporters of NAS after a poorly forged document claiming to be his resignation letter started making rounds on the internet.

“For those with greedy and lights hearts of self-satisfaction, they are free to act upon their self desires without contradicting those who stand for the rights of the people of South Sudan,” He went on add “I am not someone who could be bought with money and surrender our citizens into the hands of our oppressors. As such I, including my forces, will stand firm and die within our NAS revolutionary struggle.”

I can not be bought with money nor will I surrender citizens into the hands of oppressors

The NAS official spokesman Mr Suba Samual has also issued a press statement on the malicious forgery saying “the fake resignation is a desperate propaganda from dismissed former NAS members….the aim is to spread lies to encourage forces of the SSPDF to attack NAS forces; attack villages and commit killings, rape and displacement of civilians.”

Both statements from the leadership and from the Gen Kenyi cautioned NAS forces and members to be vigilant of such cheap propaganda.

“I am urging you all to be vigilant and remain cooperative continue until the attainment of our final goals,” the patriotic freedom fighter, NAS Deputy Chief of Staff for Training, Gen John Kenyi Luburong concluded and signed off his statement.



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