“We are not a political/military alliance nor a replacement of SSOMA”, NSSSOG leaders clarify

The leaders of the Non-Signatory South Sudan Opposition Groups (NSSSOG) have come out to make a few clarifications after some media houses and individuals mistook their 13th July statement or purposely decided to distort the message the statement carried.

According to a press release dated 27th July and signed by all the six leaders of the political parties, the group is neither a political nor military alliance. The statement also said it is “…not in any way a reunion of the South Sudan Opposition Movements Alliance (SSOMA) or a replacement of SSOMA.”

The NSSSOG is “a group of political organizations who share the noble goal of rescuing the country from collapse and disintegration. The groups that signed the call are separate groups, shall continue to be separate groups and will include other groups who will join the call.

The statement also cautioned the general public to be vigilant against “false reports being circulated and peddled by some media houses and individuals” intended to distort their original message calling on all stakeholders to convene and discuss “the fate of the country and agree on a new dispensation beyond February 2023”.



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