NAS members asked to disregard defection propaganda

Some members saw right through the propaganda and rubbished it for the garbage that it is


The National Salvation Front (NAS) is asking its members and supporters to disregard as propaganda the story about some of its officers defecting to the enemy.

The leadership has also congratulated and commended those of its members who saw right through the propaganda and took it upon themselves to discredit the information, rubbishing it for the garbage that it is.

According to the widely publicized story that first appeared a pro-SPLM-IO website, it was reported that “a group of NAS soldiers defected to SPLM-IO” (sic). There is also a press statement dated September 11 signed by a group of officers who indeed defected back to SPLM-IO.

However, the fact of the matter is that these officers have never been part of the National Salvation Front (NAS), nor do they belong to any NAS command. It has been confirmed that this group had earlier this year defected from SPLM-IO to SPLM-IG. After months of waiting in vain in Khartoum for favours from their new boss, they decided to rejoin their old boss.

In their press release that listed four absurd reasons for rejoining SPLM-IO, the group did not even claim that they were from NAS.

As such, members and supporters of the revolutionary National Salvation Front have been asked to remain steadfast and to disregard the propaganda. The business of endless defections to and fro the same SPLM (IO or IG) is a characteristic too common among them position-seekers without a political cause.

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