NAS mourns the passing of Gen Lukudu Lo Yosea and his two bodyguards

With a heavy heart, deep sorrow and grief the leadership of the National Salvation Front (NAS) informs the general public, supporters and all units of the loss of the revolutionary freedom fighter, Gen Lukudu Lo Yosea and two of his guards, who died in a tragic boat accident while on duty striving for their people and country.

The unfortunate incident happened on Sunday 19th January 2020 in NAS controlled Kuruki, South of Juba the capital in Equatoria State, when a boat carrying the heroes capsized while crossing the Nile from the west. They were heading back to his base in Lobonok located at the eastern side of the river a few miles south of Juba.

“Major General Lukudu Lo Yosea was a distinguished officer, an excellent Commander and a great freedom fighter. He was the Commander of the NAS forces in Lobonok who stood firm in defence of the area despite all the onslaughts [and unprovoked aggression] by the enemy on their positions. They were gallant soldiers who fought with bravery and fell as martyrs of the people’s cause,” read the official press statement, in part, that broke the tragic news.

An investigation team has been assigned by the leader of NAS to investigate the circumstances that led to this tragic, untimely and unfortunate loss. The findings of the investigation will be availed first and foremost to the families of the martyrs and then to the general public when finalised.

While urging the people to remain strong, united and steadfast as they mourn the tragic loss of some of their own freedom fighters, the leadership of NAS also celebrates the lives of the 3 heroes, who like countless others, sacrificed their lives for the seek of the people of South Sudan. Their collective sacrifices and martyrdom will not be forgotten nor compromised as NAS continues to strive to restore the unity and dignity of the people of South Sudan.

“Rest in peace brothers in struggle, we shall and must ensure your sacrifices were not in vain…” commented one supporter upon hearing the news.





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