Get involved, become part of the solution

Where were you on 9th July 2011 when South Sudan celebrated independence and became the world’s newest country? Did you feel proud to finally be known as a South Sudanese?

In 2011 what vision did you personally have for our nation, what image did you have for the coming years? Perhaps you saw development, schools, hospitals and business opportunities?

Did you foresee civil war, threat of “genocide” through ethnic divisions, killing of innocent civilians, rape of girls and women of all ages, recruitment of children, looting & destruction of property, corruption, economic collapse, massive debts and now famine? Was this the future you wanted for yourself and your children?

Every day, innocent civilians find themselves running for their lives, into the bushes and valleys of South Sudan, into UN protection camps or crossing the border into neighbouring countries to seek refuge.

What do you do?

The revolutionary task as promised by the National Salvation Front (NAS) is a huge collective responsibility. Organising and being organised is key in this struggle – and our promise to restore unity and dignity of the people of South Sudan cannot be delayed or allowed to fail. It depends on all of us to collectively do that together.

Become involved, be a comrade and team-player; the more people who share the same basic principles and ideas, the more effective we become and the sooner we can re-create the South Sudan we wished for back in 2011.

But organising is not just about recruiting “members” or convincing others to pledge their allegiance. It is about getting these members active – it is about being an active player, a voice working, speaking and acting in unison with others in the common interest of all the people of South Sudan.

Here at NAS we are working on active community participation,  but whilst we work that out we ask that you continue to read our messages and share your thoughts with us and your friends.

To be continued..


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14 Responses

  1. Jane Konga says:

    We need the changes to come we tired of suffering through out we need to be treated like others human kirr government is killing women’s and children we don’t have any right like others countries no Freedom for women’s kirr government put my uncle in prison for no reason and the family is suffering through out my other uncle commit suicide because he couldn’t able to take care of two families everything become to heaven for him and he dissed to commit suicide as am writing now my tears couldn’t stop crawling i can’t find where is my dad is gone missing since February we can’t get in contact with him..krii must step down

  2. James Wani says:

    with respect and honor and according to the above mentioned subject i would like to say sorry to you Sister Jane Konga and i wish that your father will came back one day, and for the member of NAS i would like to inform them that killing of people in high ways and ambush will not solve our problem because our original goal that kiir must go the Transnational Government must go and allowed who know how to develop and provide services to our citizen and protect them from diseases and improve our national income for better life for our people.
    on the coming days things are going to change in juba
    for more information contact me on my email.

  3. The change must begin from you
    This is the new beginning the morning star is shining, the down is grey, the rain must fall throughout the session, the lost boys and girls have to come back home rejoicing, the remnant of our forefathers ought to be taken care, the past mistakes have to be revealed and erased wisely, brotherhood, sisterhood and citizenship have to be addressed, the baby born child in 2009 has to be educated, nourished and brought up soundly without spot again, parents of the diseased and victimized have to be consoled dearly and begged to forgive the past inequities of the evil regime, system has to be put in place where x, y and z is obligated to look into and observe it seriously otherwise, s(he) has bear the consequences of his/her weakness, wickedness and ignorance attitudes. There isn’t going to be mercy at all for the wrongdoers, if you behave yourself well nothing will come on your way and vice versa. Boasting, pride and tribal leadership is not welcomed at our midst and will not even be admitted by the leadership of the new change. We will only admire national projects that might demonstrate and promote peace, unity, harmony and creative thinking as sign of rebirth and re-interdependence based on new ideas, approaches, understandings, communal benefit instead.

  4. NAS Junub says:

    We are sorry to hear about the tragedy that has befallen you and your family. The situation in South Sudan is unbearable as families are humiliated and forced into extreme situations. All this is preventable, but the system continues to fail us the people… Because it is not getting any better, because everytime we think Kiir and the system will rethink and change their ways, they do the opposite and the result is that people continue to die, others suffer, generations of children miss out on school and so on.

    The unity of the people of South Sudan that has been taken away and replaced by my-tribe-your-tribe hatred must be ended.
    The dignity of the people of South Sudan who have been humilated, women who have been raped, children who do not know where their parents are, families who have seen their property looted or destroyed, families who have been forced to sleep rough in bushes, seek refugee in camps and so… all these indignity has to end…

    And it will end..

  5. NAS Junub says:

    Brother James Wani,
    You are right, killing of innocent unarmed civilians anywhere is not only wrong, it does not achieve anything. NAS was formed partly because of the unnecessary sufferings, tribalism and targetted killings of some people because they belong to one or the other tribe or nationality. NAS is proud to same it is as clean as it can be in respect to these crimes.

    However and sadly enough, we continue to see these types of crimes perpetrated by Kiir’s militia dressed in SPLA uniform. The list is long, but the recent events in Wau and Parajok are still very fresh where these militia targetted villagers in their homes and executed them. Where else in today’s world does a government ‘army’ target its own citizens?

    Things have to change…

  6. NAS Junub says:

    Nice words Doctor… Indeed boasting tribal leadership is not welcomed in our midst…

  7. We opted to remove the Regime for the following reasons:
    The regime has caused and inflicted on the citizens of South Sudan number of unbelievable and unimaginable impacts and blemishes, which cannot be removed unless we all joint hands together and agree on the means and strategies to eliminate it from the power and free ourselves from its tyrannical and barbican exploitation of our both human and physical resources. No doubt that Southern Sudanese have been suffering since this regime has come to power from these diseases: psychological influence, physical and health influence, social and economic influence and political and security influence. Therefore, these effects will never ever be erased and lifted from our communities and citizens without their participation and involvement. The saying goes: “No one will give water to wash your face so that you look handsome and beautiful, but if you want to be looked handsome and beautiful, fetch the water yourself and wash your face.” Otherwise you look ugly and if your face is ugly because of lack of water, you are the problem; and you will remain in that situation until you realize that you really need to do something good, say something meaningful and plan for something useful to you, your community and the country at large. It’s high time that the children of the diseased, orphans, widows and widowers, martyrs, patrons and the innocents South Sudanese have to wake up, pull their shocks, tied their belts, wear their sun glasses and engage themselves together with their brothers to halt all kind of human violation in South Sudan. Long live the leadership of the New Opposition Movements.

  8. George says:

    How can i join the struggle?

  9. About NAS:
    The South Sudan political organization struggling to restore the unity and dignity of the people (NAS) of South Sudanese. The country is ours to nurture, it’s our collective responsibility as 64 tribes to get this to work together as one people (NAS).
    NAS Means:
    Dialogue – walking the walk and talking the talk – restoring unity and dignity of all South Sudanese, we need to talk as South Sudanese and using language of the South Sudan so as to achieve the South Sudan that We Want.
    NAS Alternative:
    If at all, it’s not too late to take action toward achieving strong, meaningful and practical alliance with the other opposition groups based on a common vision, mission, objectives and strategic plan to foster and accelerate the field work. Those of us who don’t understand the language of the class room, must be made to comprehend it by the last option (boots).
    Military Alliance Strategy:
    Contingent upon the above mentioned vision, mission, objectives and strategic plan the alliance groups ought to conduct an offensive attack on the regime in all places so as to paralyze it, weaken it, disarray it and then destructively removes it. However, we need to build a new and standard army in South Sudan (transformation of army forces into productive power).
    Political Alliance strategy:
    Similarly, gradual transformation of the opposition groups into political bodies and mechanisms with a clear political project that would hasten the nation building, based on the system of governance agreed upon, fundamental principles of rule and most importantly the term of office. In addition, the new system should insert and hold to the equal and fair distribution of functions and positions among the entire the Southern Sudanese. Those who want more opportunities should be encouraged to go to their state or seek in the private sectors.
    Future Plan (Breakthrough):
    Administration, Management and Business (AMB), there must be a strong, vibrant and clear administrative, managerial and business project to promote AMB to the skills and professional level. The future plan must be workable and practical; it is the development stage of our human resources follow by our natural ones. This stage is vital and necessary, because of that, here we need to have strong structures, independent bodies as well as dependent bodies that carry out their functions and tasks systematically and professionally to ensure that all kinds of changes and transformation are taking place scientifically periodically. Huge opportunities for the change and capacity building of our comrades and citizens must be created to impact and impress them to help in the development of the nation that they fought for…

  10. NAS Aspiritions:
    NAS is victory, NAS is honesty, NAS is liberty, NAS is for unity, NAS is for dignity, NAS is for freedom, NAS is for justice, NAS is for equality. NAS is for NAS is for NAS today and tomorrow, NAS is will always be NAS whatsoever. NAS is calling you to joint it for the cause of restoration and regeneration of our identity and nationality. NAS is the only option for a just, fair and equal South Sudan. The NAS doesn’t anticipate audiences and spectators, but players and designers of the games and good shooters. Would you like to be a part of the NAS? NAS has a place and a task for you and for anyone who would freely decide and declare his or her position and allegiance to NAS and its leaderships.
    NAS is for the unity of daughters and sons of the Greater Upper Nile without conditions.
    NAS is for the unity of daughters and sons of the Greater Bahr El Ghazal without conditions.
    NAS is for the unity of daughters and sons of the Greater Equatoria without conditions.
    NAS is for the total unity of daughters and sons of South Sudan inclusively.

  11. Dear friend,
    I would like YOU to at least understand this simple equation, hoping that you would really agree with me 100%. The equation goes like this: My name is Wani Lado, I was born in July 1950 and I like to fish. My friend’s name is Gatyeil Dol, he was born in May 1965 and he likes working on his farm. Both of us went to them same school and we didn’t finish our schooling, yet we had gotten a military job and became big officers in the army. Later on we had become politicians, but each had his own line in politics, I preferred Right wing and my friend Left one so we had a different ideology, but friends for ages and good ones we respect each other and love each other very much. We have been sharing our joys and sorrows without the barriers and limitations, this is how politics is and how it should be understood and practiced. I have my own strengths and weakness and you too, have your own. I don’t interfere into my friend’s personal affairs and he does likewise, we respect each other and we help each other too, and we have been working together for the welfare of our one nation and common interest, …this is how life should be embraced and practiced by all and according to each and every one view. There are common things and there are private thing that needed to be considered. Be what you feel like and what you want to do, but remember you are one of us either by blood or by common interest or other feather of life. This thinking and concept is applicable in all the areas of life and no one can deny this call whatsoever, unless he is not sound in mind and pride person. The aim of this writing is to draw our minds into positive thinking and procutive thinking as well so as to think widely about our country South Sudan and our people too.

    NAS is for NAS,
    NAS is for All South Sudanese,
    NAS is for the Unity South Sudanese,
    NAS is for the Restoration of Dignity of All South Sudanese,
    NAS is for the Liberty South Sudanese,
    NAS is for the Honesty, justice, and equality in South Sudan Nation,
    NAS is for the equal distribution of wealth and power among South Sudanese,
    NAS is for the good governance in South Sudan,
    NAS is for the true development in South Sudan,
    NAS is for the positive and genuine foreign relationship,
    NAS is for the positive National identity and National projects,
    NAS is for the rebuilding of the broken social fabric and cultural identity of our people,
    Long live NAS,
    Long live NAS leaderships,
    Long live South Sudan free fair and just STATE.

  13. Henry Koor says:

    I believe NAS is working for the betterment of the people of South Sudan.

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