Thomas Cirillo shares Easter message of hope and solidarity

Gen. Thomas Cirillo Swaka - Chairman and Commander-in-Chief of the National Salvation Front/Army (NAS)

The Chairman of the National Salvation Front (NAS) General Thomas Cirillo is encouraging the people of South Sudan to remain strong and hopeful in the face of the global pandemic urging them to “show solidarity and support for each other”.

“Just as we are celebrating the victory of our Lord Jesus Christ over death, we pray that you will soon rise from the rubble of destruction caused by this pandemic,” he said.

He went on to caution about the serious threat posed by pandemic, especially after the confirmation of cases in the country, and the neglected and non-existent basic healthcare services.


“The threat of COVID-19 is real and already in our midst. The situation in South Sudan is even dire as there is a lack of basic healthcare service and health equipment as a result of the way our country has been managed.

“It is therefore of utmost importance to follow the guidance of the health experts and organisations.

The Chairman also thanked those in the frontlines of the fight to contain and defeat the deadly pandemic

On this Easter occasion, I take this opportunity to thank and applaud the efforts of all South Sudanese involved in the fight against Coronavirus. I thank South Sudanese medical doctors, other healthcare professionals, scientists, media professionals and artists. Your collective efforts whether through healthcare, communications, songs and music, drama, poems, comedy and illustrations are invaluable. You are all our heroes because of the noble work you are doing, not only for the people of South Sudan, but for the whole of humanity all around the globe”

In conclusion, he encouraged people to remain strong.

“I encourage you to remain strong and hopeful. NAS will continue to struggle for your rights so that we bring a just and sustainable peace that will enable you to live in freedom, dignity and prosperity

“May God protect you and bless South Sudan!” he concluded.


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