[FULL-TEXT] Congratulatory Message on the Occasion of Christmas and New Year

A congratulatory message from the acting chairperson of the NAS National Committee for Information and Public Relations on the occasion of Christmas and New Year

Congratulatory Message on the Occasion of Christmas and New Year


This year’s Christmas has come upon us when our people are incapable of celebrating it with joy as their souls are locked up in misery due to the tremendous suffering imposed on them by a kleptocratic regime. Our people have been patiently held hostage at the hands of this despotic regime that is addicted to failure and corruption. A regime that has crushed innocent lives using practices that deprive human freedom and dignity. Thousands have been displaced internally and externally as a result of continuous violence from their homes while others sent to refuge in neighboring countries in broad daylight.

This tragic and painful situation has put the leadership of the National Salvation Front (NAS) in front of a great national and historic responsibility whose meaning is renewed on such a religious and national occasion.
With the coming of Christmas, I would like to take this opportunity, on behalf of the National Committee for Information and Public Relations, to extend my sincere wishes to:

β–ͺ General Thomas Cirillo Swaka Chairman & Commander in Chief National Salvation Front / Army.
β–ͺ General Faiz Ismail Fotur NAS Chiefs of Staff. And his Deputies.
β–ͺ Officers, Non-commissioned Officers and Gallant NAS Forces.
β–ͺ Chairpersons of National Committees and Coordinators.
β–ͺ NAS Diplomatic Representatives.
β–ͺ Chairpersons of Branch Offices
β–ͺ Members of the National Salvation Front (NAS)

I wish you success in the coming new year in your revolutionary tasks and responsibilities and a victorious revolution for our people. We look forward to furthering progress by the heroic sons and daughters of our land who have decided to join National Salvation Front as revolutionaries to write with their firm will every year, new chapters of honor in which they have confirmed to the world that they are stronger and capable of facing any challenges.

I want to particularly wish people of South Sudan and all humanity a Merry Christmas and a Happy New Year filled with accomplishments towards the dawn of a new era; in which people of South Sudan will be able to celebrate such holidays and festive seasons in delight and in a safe country where they can enjoy Security, Peace, Prosperity like all other nations.

Signed: 25th December 2019
Sokiri L. Samuel
Acting Chairperson NAS National Committee for information and Public Relations.



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